API Pond 5 in 1 Test Strips 25 Pack, 125 Tests


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 The API® Pond 5 in 1 Test Strips provide accurate results for your pond’s water conditions using a highly precise color chart for easy-to-read results. Snap-cap container keeps unused strips protected and dry, maintaining product stability and extending the shelf life of the product. No separate test vial is required – simply dip a test strip directly into your pond for easy reading of your pond’s levels. Testing your water has never been so simple!

  • Kit measures 5 parameters: ph, nitrite, nitrate, carbonate hardness, and general hardness.
  • Provides distinct variations between colors on the color charts for easy to read results.
  • Desiccant liner on container keeps the strips dry.
  • Highly precise color charts.
API Pond BFA Item #
Test Strips,  5 in 1 x 25 count AP06164


.Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Mars Fishcare

Made in the USA


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