ADA LED Twinstar 600C v3 Adjustable Leg with Timer 60-70cm (23.5-27.5 in) Light Fixture


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This is the new Ver. III (C-series) LED light fixture from Twinstar. Now they come with 6 different models (200C/300C/450C/450C/600C/900C and 1200CC) to accommodate a wider range of fish tank sizes. 

The Twinstar (C series) LED has a slim, lightweight aluminum body design while retaining the impressive light output and spectrum that plants need to thrive and flourish.  

These are the latest "Compact size Model" featuring the full spectrum, RGB-W aquarium LED light that is now 20% brighter and 40% higher RGB ratio than the Ver. II (C-series).

The Ver. III (C-series) now offers a built-in dimmer on the actual light fixture with 15 different steps of brightness and on/off function. It also provides a soft-start function that could prevent the living creatures from jumping out of the aquarium when the light turns on suddenly. Thanks to an integrated memory function, the LED remembers the last setting and stays with it when it is started again.

Product Highlight:

  • With a built-in 15 steps and ON/OFF dimmer
  • Soft-start function 
  • Full-spectrum LEDs for vivid colors 
  • Ideal  7200K color temperature for plants
  • Promotes optimal plant growth
  • Makes the colors of plants and fish appear more natural



  • Full-spectrum LEDs for optimum color reproduction
  • Adjustable metal lighting leg
  • Slim, lightweight & compact size design
  • High efficiency and power saving


Tank Size Recommendations:

(Model. 600C)

  • 60cm to 70cm long tank (with a glass thickness of 5mm - 12mm)


  • (L60 x W30 x H36cm with glass THK: 6mm)
  • (L60 x W30 x H25cm with glass THK: 5mm)
  • (L60 x W30 x H45cm with glass THK: 6mm)
  • (L60 x W45 x H36cm with glass THK: 6mm)

(Model. 600C)

  • Product Size: W597(mm) X D84(mm) X H14(mm)
  • LED Source: RGB-W
  • LED Quantity: 42 White + 50 RGB
  • Color Temperature: 7200K
  • Operating voltage and current: DC 12V / 3.0A
  • Input voltage: AC 110 -240V, 50/60Hz
  • Lumens: 2056lm
  • Power consumption: 32W
  • LED Life Span: 30,000 hrs (Subject to the operating environment)
  • Operation temperature range: 0~32˚C 
  • Limited 1-year Warranty