Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Fish Availability 5/28/2020

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Size QTY Tank
Algae Eater Chinese R 1 H11
Algae Eater Chinese  L 4 H9
Algae Eater Chinese Gold R SOLD
Algae Eater Siamese Algae Eater R SOLD
Algae Eater Flying Fox R 12 Q18
Size QTY
Angelfish Assorted L 2 A5
Angelfish Assorted Medium M 1 M4
Angelfish Assorted Small S 24 D13
Angelfish Black R 8 D2
Angelfish Black R 3 D3
Angelfish Gold R 8 D8
Angelfish Green Smokey R 1 D11
Angelfish High Orange Koi R 9 D14
Angelfish King Koi R SOLD
Angelfish Koi/Marble M 2 M4
Angelfish Marble R 15 D13
Angelfish Marble R 9 D15
Angelfish Marble Veiled R 1 D9
Angelfish Panda R SOLD
Angelfish Platinum R 15 D16
Angelfish Silver R 7 D6
Size QTY
Apistogramma Agassizi 'Double Red' Female 1 A11
Apistogramma Borelli 'Opal' Pair SOLD
Apistogramma Cacatuoides 'Double Red' Pair SOLD
Size QTY
Axolotl Wild S SOLD
Size QTY
Barb African Banded R 5 D4
Barb Albino Cherry Female 4 D17
Barb Assorted Glo R SOLD
Barb Checkerboard R 6 A2
Barb Cherry Pair SOLD D12
Barb Cherry Female R 12 D12
Barb Denisonii R SOLD
Barb Drapefin R 10 A14
Barb Gold Zebra R 6 N5
Barb Pentazona R 4 D4
Barb Rosy  Pair SOLD
Barb Round Banded R 1 N16
Barb Tiger R 3 M5
Barb Tiger Albino R 9 M5
Barb Tiger Green R 6 M5
Barb Tinfoil Albino R 3 N23
Barb Veiltail Cherry Male 2 D9
Barb Veiltail Cherry Male 8 Q3
Barb Veiltail Cherry Pair 4 D7
Size QTY
Betta Female Common R 4
Betta Female Crowntail R 1
Betta Female Halfmoon R 2
Betta Male Common R 4 Window
Betta Male Crowntail R 4 Window
Betta Male Crowntail Black Orchid R 2 Window
Betta Male Crowntail Platinum White R 1 Window
Betta Male Halfmoon R 5 Window
Betta Male Halfmoon Twintail R 1 Window
Betta Male Plakat Galaxy Koi R SOLD
Betta Male Plakat Twintail R SOLD
Betta Male Plakat Nemo R SOLD
Size QTY
Bichir Poly senegalus R 1 N3
Size QTY
Brackish Bumblebee Goby R 3 K7
Brackish Molly - Sailfin R 2 K2
Brackish Puffer - Figure 8 M 2 K7
Brackish Puffer - Leopard R SOLD
Size QTY
Catfish Banjo  R 1 M2
Catfish Farlowella L 11 D18
Catfish Otto SOLD
Catfish Pictus M SOLD
Catfish Raphael - Striped M SOLD
Catfish Raphael Spotted R SOLD
Catfish Stone R 3 NANO 9
Catfish Sun Cat R 1 L11
Catfish Syno Featherfin L 1 L2
Size QTY
Cichlid Kribensis S 8 M3
Cichlid Kribensis M SOLD
Size QTY
Cory Albino Aeneus R 6 D12
Cory Albino Aeneus R 2 Q31
Cory Green Aeneus R 4 D3
Cory Green & Gold R 9 D3
Cory Green Laser R SOLD
Cory Julii R 3 D3
Cory Panda R 1 D9
Cory Panda R 20 Q34
Cory Pepper R 3 D12
Cory Pepper R 17 Q2
Cory Pygmy, pygmaeus R 2 Q28
Cory Schwartzi R 1 D9
Cory Sterbai R 7 D6
Size QTY
Crab PomPom (FW) R SOLD
Crab Thai Micro Spider R 2 NANO 8
Crayfish Dwarf Orange Mexican R SOLD
Crayfish Florida R 3 N21
Crayfish Self-Cloaning R 12 N1
Size QTY
Danio Assorted Glo R 8 O8
Danio Celestial Pearl L 1 A10
Danio Fireline R 15 D11
Danio Giant R 7 M4
Danio Giant R 12 L19
Danio Glolite R 11 D5
Danio Gold Ring Tinwini R 10 A10
Danio Gold Zebra R 30 N5
Danio Longfin Blue R 26 B1
Danio Longfin Gold Zebra R 25 B19
Danio Longfin Leopard R 25 B4
Danio Longfin Zebra R 25 B10
Danio Orange Chela R 10 A2
Danio Pearl R 19 N14
Danio Zebra R 13 B16
Size QTY
Discus Red Turq S SOLD
Size QTY
Eel Peacock R SOLD
Eel Tiretrack M SOLD
Eel Yellow Tail Spiny R SOLD
Size QTY
Frog Clawed (will get big) R 4 N15
Frog Dwarf R 9 N18
Size QTY
Garra Panda R SOLD
Size QTY
Goby Blue Neon Stiphodon Male R SOLD
Size QTY
Goldfish Comet, Sarassa M 5 A16
Goldfish Comet, Sarassa M 5 A17
Goldfish Calico Shubunkin R 11 A4
Goldfish Fantail, Calico R 10 O4
Goldfish Fantail, Red R 12 A18
Goldfish Lionhead, Assorted R 4 P3
Goldfish Oranda, Chocolate Pom Pom R 5 P3
Goldfish Oranda, Red Cap R 2 O3
Goldfish Oranda, Red and White R 1 O4
Goldfish Oranda, Red Thai 2" R 5 P2
Goldfish Oranda, Red Thai 4" M 6 P1
Goldfish Pearlscale, Assorted 2" R 5 Q1
Goldfish Ryukin, Calico R 3 O3
Goldfish Telescope, Black Moor R 2 O3
Goldfish Telescope, Black Moor R 12 P2
Goldfish Telescope, Panda Butterfly M 3 P4
Koi Assorted 3-4" R 11 A12
Koi Butterfly 3-4" R 11 A8
Size QTY
Gourami Blue R 7 Q4
Gourami Blue Paradise R 2 B18
Gourami Dwarf Cobalt Blue R 5 B19
Gourami Dwarf Powder Blue R 6 B2
Gourami Dwarf Flame R 6 B2
Gourami Frail Chocolate S SOLD
Gourami Gold R 6 B12
Gourami Honey, Gold R 1 D9
Gourami Honey, Red R 4 D9
Gourami Kissing M SOLD
Gourami Opaline R 9 B3
Gourami Pearl R 14 B21
Gourami Sparkling R 2 NANO 8
Size QTY
Gudgeon Peacock R 2 A14
Size QTY
Guppy Assorted Female R SOLD
Guppy Assorted Male R SOLD
Guppy Assorted Small Trio SOLD
Guppy Blue Moscow Male R SOLD
Guppy Blue Neon Male R 2 B14
Guppy Blue Phantom Pair SOLD
Guppy Dumbo Ear Male R 1 B5
Guppy Full Red Guppy Male R 7 B14
Guppy Golden Cobra Male R 4 B17
Guppy Green Cobra Male R SOLD
Guppy Green Moscow Male R 8 B8
Guppy Green Snakeskin Male R SOLD
Guppy Red Blonde Male R 10 B14
Guppy Pingu Pair 1 NANO 4
Guppy Pink Tuxedo Male R SOLD
Guppy Purple Queen R 7 B11
Guppy Red Cobra Male R SOLD
Guppy Yellow Male R 14 B8
Size QTY
Hap Albino Taiwan Reef R 3 J10
Hap Aristo Christyi R 7 H2
Hap Assorted R 35 J3
Hap Assorted Males M 4 J7
Hap Blue Dolphin R 5 J17
Hap Champsochromis caeruleus R 7 J2
Hap Dimidiochromis compressiceps R 12
Hap Electric Blue ahli R 4 J15
Hap Livingstoni R 3 H14
Hap Mdoka White Lips R 10


Hap Phenochilus Star Sapphire R 1 H14
Hap Red Empress R SOLD
Hap Red Top Aristochromis Trio 2 H10
Hap Taiwan Reef R 7 J18
Hap Yellow Nape R 9 H12
Size QTY
Killi Assorted Female R 1 NANO 6
Killi American Flagfish R 12 Q27
Killi Clown R SOLD
Killi Red Flame Ricefish R SOLD
Size QTY
Livebearer Assorted R 8 B15
Livebearer Assorted Hifin Variatus R 11 B13
Livebearer Wrestling Halfbeak R 3 Q12
Size QTY
Loach Angelicus R 1 B3
Loach Angelicus R SOLD
Loach Batik R SOLD
Loach Blue M 1 H10
Loach Clown R 13 M6
Loach Hillstream Butterfly R SOLD
Loach Kuhli M 7 N12
Loach Skunk R 6
Loach Sidthimunki R 8 N14
Loach Tiger R 5
Loach YoYo S 16 Q25
Loach YoYo R 2 L19
Size QTY
Mbuna Albino Red OB Zebra R 4 H12
Mbuna Albion Red Fin Zebra R 2 J12
Mbuna Assorted R 11 I3
Mbuna Assorted L 12 I4
Mbuna Assorted L 15 I6
Mbuna Assorted L 25 J4
Mbuna Assorted R 18 J9
Mbuna Daktari R SOLD
Mbuna Electric Blue Johanni R SOLD
Mbuna Jewel Spot elongatus R 2 J10
Mbuna Mel Auratus R 5 J6
Mbuna OB Red Zebra R 3 J5
Mbuna OB Red Zebra R 8 J8
Mbuna OB Zebra R 7 J12
Mbuna Orange Back Cobue R 10 J18
Mbuna Red Zebra R 11 H15
Mbuna Socolofi R 4 H4
Mbuna Yellow Lab R 2 H3
Mbuna Yellow Mara Elongatus R 10 H15
Mbuna Yellowtail Acei R 5 I5
Size QTY
Misc Flying Fox (E. kalopterus) R 11 N5
Size QTY
Molly Assorted Balloon R 8 B12
Molly Assorted Sailfin Balloon R 7 B10
Molly Neon Butterfly Balloon R 6 B5
Molly Silver Lyretail R 5 B21
Molly  Assorted Balloon R 1 A12
Molly  Black Lyretail R 12 A16
Molly  Dalmation Lyretail R 12 A5
Molly  Tangerine Lyretail R 5 A4
Size QTY
Peacock Albino Dragon Blood R 2 J17
Peacock Benga Yellow R 9 J5
Peacock Eureka Red R 7 J2
Peacock Jacobfreibergi R 9 J8
Peacock Lemon Jacobfreibergi R 4 H9
Peacock Ngara Flametail R 2 H7
Peacock OB R 10 I1
Peacock Regal Red Shoulder R 10 I3
Peacock Ruby Red R 6 H4
Peacock Strawberry R SOLD
Peacock Sunshine R 2 I5
Peacock Sunshine R 2 J15
Peacock/Hap Assorted R 6 I1
Size QTY
Piranha Red Belly M SOLD
Piranha Red Belly S SOLD
Size QTY
Platy 24-Karat Tuxedo R 10 B1
Platy 24-Karat Tuxedo R 10 A13
Platy Assorted Hifin R 1 B21
Platy Blue R 2 B4
Platy Blue Wag R 11 A13
Platy Bumblebee R 1 B7
Platy Dwarf Red Coral R 20 Q33
Platy Gold Twinbar R 16 B6
Platy Green Lantern R 2 B9
Platy Green Lantern R 18 B2
Platy Painted R 11 A13
Platy Plumetail R 7 B18
Platy Salt and Pepper R 10 A13
Platy Sunburst R SOLD
Platy Sunburst Wag R 7 B9
Size QTY
Pleco Albino Bristlenose R SOLD
Pleco Albino Bristlenose M 1 B9
Pleco Albino Bristlenose S 9 B12
Pleco Bristlenose M SOLD
Pleco Bristlenose R 1 B6
Pleco Bristlenose S 3 B17
Pleco Calico Longfin Bristlenose R SOLD
Pleco Clown Pleco L103 R SOLD
Pleco Hypancistrus R SOLD
Pleco Longfin Bristlenose R SOLD
Pleco Male Bristlenose L SOLD
Pleco Orange Seam L SOLD
Size QTY
Puffer Dwarf S SOLD
Puffer Fahaka S 1 N17
Puffer Figure Eight R 5 K7
Puffer Leopard/Green Spot R 1 K2
Size QTY
Rainbowfish Dwarf Neon Pair 8 D8
Rainbowfish Dwarf Neon Pair 6 Q19
Rainbowfish Furcata R SOLD
Rainbowfish Signifer Pair 4 A3
Rainbowfish Albino Orange Millenium Pair 2 N8
Rainbowfish Assorted R 8 N1
Rainbowfish Australian L 2 N2
Rainbowfish Australian R SOLD
Rainbowfish Boesmani Male L SOLD
Rainbowfish Dwarf Kamaka R 1 M3
Rainbowfish Emerald Pair SOLD
Rainbowfish Gertrudae Pair 1 NANO 11
Rainbowfish New Guinea Red Rainbow Pair 1 N8
Rainbowfish Painted R 2 N24
Rainbowfish Threadfin Pair 6 Q22
Rainbowfish Turquoise Pair SOLD
Rainbowfish Yellow - Female R 2 M2
Size QTY
Ram Bolivian R 6 N24
Ram Electric Blue Balloon R 6 Q6
Ram German Black R 1 D11
Ram German Blue R 9 Q9
Ram German Gold L SOLD
Size QTY
Rasbora Black Harlequin R SOLD
Rasbora Brilliant R 6 D7
Rasbora Dwarf Emerald R 3 A6
Rasbora Dwarf Emerald R 40 A7
Rasbora Emerald Eye R 13 A3
Rasbora Espei R 20 D4
Rasbora Harlequin R 40 D1
Rasbora Kubotai R 8 A6
Rasbora Phoenix R SOLD
Rasbora Purple Harlequin R 2 D2
Rasbora Scissortail R 9 B1
Size QTY
SA Cichlid Albino Tiger Oscar R 2 L17
SA Cichlid Albino Red Ruby Oscar M SOLD
SA Cichlid Blood Jewel R 2 L21
SA Cichlid Blood Parrot M 1 L1
SA Cichlid Blue Acara L 1 L4
SA Cichlid Chocolate R 1 K6
SA Cichlid Chocolate Cichlid R 1 L14
SA Cichlid Convict R 14 L18
SA Cichlid Electric Blue Acara R SOLD
SA Cichlid Festivum M 1 K6
SA Cichlid Flowerhorn, Red Dragon R 6 L23
SA Cichlid Geophagus, Brasiliensis 1.5" R 12 L15
SA Cichlid Geophagus, Red Head Tapajos 1.5" R 6 L6
SA Cichlid Green Terror R SOLD
SA Cichlid Jack Dempsey R SOLD
SA Cichlid Jaguar Cichlid R SOLD
SA Cichlid Jewel Cichlid, Common M 1 L18
SA Cichlid Jewel Cichlid, Common S 50 L22
SA Cichlid Jewel Cichlid, Turquoise R 10 L24
SA Cichlid Keyhole  L 1 K6
SA Cichlid Lemon Oscar R SOLD
SA Cichlid Leporinus (not technically cichlid) R 3 L8
SA Cichlid Nicaraguense M 1 K6
SA Cichlid Pike R 1 K3
SA Cichlid Rainbow R 2 L14
SA Cichlid Rainbow  R 1 K6
SA Cichlid Red Devil R 4 L9
SA Cichlid Red Head Tapajos Geo J 1 M2
SA Cichlid Red Hump Geophagus R 2 K6
SA Cichlid Red Oscar R SOLD
SA Cichlid Red Tiger Oscar R SOLD
SA Cichlid Salvini R 4 L12
SA Cichlid Severum, Gold R 2 L13
SA Cichlid Severum, Red Shoulder R 4 L13
SA Cichlid Texas Cichlid R 1 L10
Size QTY
SA Dwf Cich Checkerboard R 8 Q8
Size QTY
Shark Albino Rainbow R 9 Q4
Shark Assorted Glo R SOLD
Shark Bala R SOLD
Shark Bala L SOLD
Shark Rainbow M 11 N19
Shark Red Tail M 10 N10
Size QTY
Shrimp Amano Algae Eating R 6 D14
Shrimp Assorted R 8 NANO 4
Shrimp Black Carbon R SOLD
Shrimp Bloody Mary S 4 S9
Shrimp Blue Bolt R SOLD
Shrimp Blue Dream R 2 S2
Shrimp Blue Rili R SOLD
Shrimp Blue Sapphire R SOLD
Shrimp Blue Velvet R 6 S1
Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Pair R SOLD
Shrimp Crystal Black R SOLD
Shrimp Crystal Red R SOLD
Shrimp Orange S SOLD
Shrimp Orange Rili  R SOLD S3
Shrimp Red Rili R SOLD
Shrimp Ultra Black Bee R 2 S7
Shrimp Yellow R SOLD
Shrimp Yellow King Kong R SOLD
Size QTY
Snail Albino Mystery R 12 A11
Snail Assassin R 3 N2
Snail Assassin  R 2 NANO 1
Snail Black Mystery R 5 A7
Snail Blue Mystery R 12 A10
Snail Gold Mystery R 12 A15
Snail Golden Rabbit R 4 A11
Snail Ivory Mystery R 11 A14
Snail Olive Nerite R 21 A14
Snail Spixie R 5 B3
Snail Tiger Nerite R 2 A11
Snail Yellow Rabbit R 1 A2
Snail Zebra Nerite R 46 A6
Size QTY
Swordtail Assorted Female R SOLD
Swordtail Black R 12 Q32
Swordtail Green Female R 2 B17
Swordtail Pineapple R 3 A12
Swordtail Pineapple S 10 A12
Swordtail Red Velvet R SOLD
Size QTY
Synodontis Petricola S 3 H5
Synodontis Petricola S 1 H6
Synodontis Upside Down R 1 J11
Size QTY
Tang Albino Brichardi R 2 H5
Tang Brichardi S 38 I2
Tang Dimideo Compressiceps M 12 H11
Tang Gold Ocellatus R 6 H8
Tang Gold Sexfasciatus R 3 H16
Tang Gombe Red Compressiceps R 8 H8
Tang Juli Dickfeldi R 2 H17
Tang Juli Transcriptus L 5 H12
Tang Juli Transcriptus R 5 H18
Tang Juli Transcriptus R 13 I5
Tang Leleupi R 6 H5
Tang MOBA Frontosa J 8 K4
Tang Neolamp Multifasciatus R 2 H17
Tang Neolamp Similis R 5 H6
Size QTY
Tetra Albino Glolite R 17 D6
Tetra Assorted Glo R 10 O2
Tetra Black Neon R 3 D1
Tetra Black Skirt R 17 B7
Tetra Black Skirt R 23 A9
Tetra Black Phantom R 12 D14
Tetra Bleeding Heart R 6 D16
Tetra Bloodfin R 25 N20
Tetra Buenos Aires Albino R 8 N13
Tetra Cardinal J 90 D17
Tetra Columbian Red & Blue R SOLD
Tetra Diamond R 6 Q32
Tetra Ember R SOLD
Tetra Emperor R SOLD
Tetra Glass Bloodfin R 10 D16
Tetra Glolite R 15 D3
Tetra Gold R 4 NANO 8
Tetra Gold Pristella R 9 D11
Tetra Gold White Cloud R 2 A14
Tetra Green Fire R 3 A14
Tetra Green Fire R 9 Q27
Tetra Green Neon R SOLD
Tetra Head and Tail Light R 4 D8
Tetra Lemon R SOLD
Tetra Longfin Blushing White Skirt R 6 B4
Tetra Longfin Black Skirt R 9 B19
Tetra Longfin White Skirt R 21 A9
Tetra Marble Hatchet R SOLD
Tetra Neon J 25 A1
Tetra Neon J 20 D10
Tetra Orange Von Rio R 19 D2
Tetra Phoenix Pair 1 D11
Tetra Pristella R 12 D1
Tetra Red Eye R SOLD
Tetra Rummynose L SOLD
Tetra Serpae R 36 M2
Tetra Serpae Longfin R 13 N11
Tetra Silver Dollar R SOLD
Tetra Silver Dollar M SOLD
Tetra Silvertip R 2 M3
Tetra Silvertip M 25 N14
Tetra Silvertip, Albino M 35 Q4
Tetra Von Rio Flame R 1 D15
Tetra White Cloud R 42 Q15
Tetra White Skirt R 11 B1
Tetra X Ray R SOLD
Size QTY
Vic Hap Flourescent Pink Piebald R 6 J6


POND: Canna, Longwood Pink R 6
POND: Water Hyacinth R 6
POND: Water Hibiscus, White R 1
POND: Water lettuce, Variegated R 6
African Fern bolbitis S SOLD
Anubias Assorted R 2 D11
Anubias barteri R 4 D2
Anubias barteri Pot SOLD
Anubias coffeefolia Pot 4 C1
Anubias congensis M SOLD
Anubias frazeri M 1 D8
Anubias gigantica L 3 D6
Anubias nana Pot SOLD
Anubias nana M 4 D11
Anubias nana 'Narrowleaf' Pot 3 C3
Anubias nana 'Petite' M SOLD
Anubias nancon M 1 D13
Anubias nangi Pot 1 D14
Aponogeton boivinianus M SOLD
Aponogeton capuroni S 2 D7
Aponogeton capuroni L SOLD
Aponogeton longiplumulosus L 1 D16
Assorted Low Light Plants on Wood M 3 D11
Baby Tears 'Dwarf' Pot SOLD
Baby Tears 'Monte Carlo' Pot SOLD
Banana Plant R 5 D13
Blyxa japonica R SOLD
Bucephalandra 'Alamanda Blue' R 3 C3
Bucephalandra 'Brownie Purple' R 1 C3
Crypt undulata Pot 7 C3
Crypt lutea Pot SOLD
Crypt parva Pot SOLD
Crypt usteriana L 2 D13
Crypt usteriana L 3 P3
Crypt wendtii 'Bronze' Pot SOLD
Crypt wendtii 'Green' Pot 3 C3
Crypt wendtii 'Red' Pot SOLD
Crypt wendtii Assorted S 3 D8
Cypress helferi R 3 C1
Dwarf Baby Tears Pot 6 C2
Dwarf Baby Tear Monte Carlo Pot 6 C2
Dwarf sagittaria R 25 D11
Floating, Amazon Frogbit Golfball


Floating, Duckweed Golfball 6 N6
Floating, Dwarf Water Lettuce Golfball SOLD
Floating, Hornwort R 6 D3
Floating, Najas Grass R 4 D17
Floating, Red Root Floater Golfball 2 C1
Hairgrass, Dwarf Pot SOLD
Hairgrass, Dwarf 'Mini' Pot 6 C2
Hygro compacta Pot 6 C2
Hydrocotyle tripartita Pot SOLD
Hygro 'Giant' R SOLD
Java Fern M 3 D15
Java Fern M 8 D18
Java Fern 'Lace' Pot 1 D3
Java Fern 'Narrow Leaf' R SOLD
Java Fern 'Trident' R SOLD
Microsword 'Brazilian' Pot SOLD
Microsword 'Narrowleaf' Pot 6 C2
Moss Ball R 12 D12
Moss, Christmas R 4 D14
Moss, Fissidens sp. 'Thailand' R SOLD
Moss, Java emersed Cup 4 C2
Moss, Susswassertang R SOLD C2
Onion Calamistratum R 3 D4
Pogostemon helferi Crown SOLD C2
Red Dwarf Lily S SOLD
Red Dwarf Lily M SOLD D8
Riccia R 1 C2
Stem, Ambulia R SOLD
Stem, Bacopa R 6 D15
Stem, Brazilian Pennywort R SOLD
Stem, Cabomba Wild Purple R 12 D12
Stem, Golden Lloydiella R 3 C1
Stem, Golden nesaea R


Stem, Green Foxtail R SOLD
Stem, Green Lloydiella R 3 C2
Stem, Hygro augustifolia R 4 D5
Stem, Limnophila hippuroides R SOLD
Stem, Ludwigia 'Super Red Mini' R 5 C1
Stem, Ludwigia 'Broadleaf Red' R 3 C2
Stem, Ludwigia 'Dark Red' R 8 D14
Stem, Ludwigia 'Narrowleaf Red' R 3 D1
Stem, Ludwigia peruensis R 7 D8
Stem, Ludwigia peruensis R 6 C1
Stem, Marsh Mermaid R 6 D5
Stem, Mayaca fluviatilis R 1 D5
Stem, Mexican Oakleaf R 3 D5
Stem, Moneywort R 3 D11
Stem, Myrio Filigree Frill R 3 D2
Stem, Pogostemon 'Octopus' R SOLD
Stem, Red Foxtail R SOLD
Stem, Rotala indica R 15 D2
Stem, Rotala magenta R SOLD
Stem, Rotala nanjenshan R SOLD
Stem, Rotala 'Vietnam' R 12 C1
Stem, Rotala wallichi R SOLD
Stem, Scarlet Temple R SOLD
Sword, Amazon XS SOLD
Sword, Amazon S SOLD
Sword, Amazon M 6 D5
Sword, Amazon L 3 P4
Sword, Compacta S SOLD
Sword, Hadi Red Pearl M 1 D2
Sword, Ozelot M SOLD
Sword, Pygmy Chain Pot 6 C2
Sword, Red Melon Pot 3 C2
Sword, Red Rubin S 2 D4
Sword, Ruffle M 1 D9
Sword, St. Elmo's Fire M SOLD
Sword, Vesuvius R SOLD
Taiwan Lotus S SOLD
Vallisneria 'Corkscrew' R SOLD
Vallisneria 'Italian' Bunch SOLD
Vallisneria 'Italian' S 2 D17
Vallisneria 'Jungle' L 2 P4
Watersprite Pot SOLD