Zoo Med Lizard Ladder - Create More Living Space

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The Zoo Med Lizard Ladder is a soft nylon mesh that attaches to the back wall of your terrarium to give your reptiles more area to climb. Maximize your terrarium space and encourage your reptiles natural climbing behaviors with this unique habitat accessory. Durable suction cups hold the Lizard Ladder securely in place. Works with glass and acrylic enclosures. Combine multiple Lizard Ladders to create an exercise wall! Triangle Shape - each side measures 10" in length.

Key Features: 
  • Durable Suction Cups
  • It provides more room in your terrarium for your beloved animal
  • Can be used with Zoo Med Repti Hammock for more multi level space
  • Soft nylon for overall comfort
Zoo Med Lizard Ladder Blue Fish Aquarium #
10 in (each side) ZM61010