015561302906 A20290 A-20290 AquaClear FLuval Leveling device 20 30 50  70 110 c2 c3 c4

Fluval AquaClear Part - Leveling Device All AquaClear Models & C2 - C4


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Fluval AquaClear leveling device is suitable for AquaClear Power Filters and Fluval C Series Filters.  This is an important part as it keeps your filter slanted forward allowing water to flow freely into your aquarium.  Without it you may have water pool at the back of the filter and flow out over the top and onto the floor.


  • Fluval AquaClear 20
  • Fluval AquaClear 30
  • Fluval AquaClear 50
  • Fluval AquaClear 70
  • Fluval AquaClear 110
  • Fluval C2
  • Fluval C3
  • Fluval C4
Fluval BFA Item #
AquaClear & C Series Leveling Device HA30290
A-20290 A 20290 A20290