Sera Pond Crystal 16.9 oz


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For unspoiled pond joy – against floating algae

  • Effective immediate help
  • Lastingly combats floating algae

An algae bloom caused by floating algae often disturbs the clear view on the pond fish especially during the beautiful summer months with plenty of sun. The ugly cloudiness may additionally dangerously affect the water quality. 

sera pond crystal quickly, easily and reliably removes the floating algae nuisance. The algae cells coagulate and can be collected and removed by the filter. For a long-term effect, another active agent removes excess phosphate – which serves as an algae nutrient – during the same step. The pond therefore remains lastingly clear and clean.

sufficient for: 1,321 US gal. (5,000 liters)

Tip: Fine filter wool, e.g. sera filter wool, visibly accelerates the effect.