Laguna Pond Power Clear Multi Filter 1000 - All in One, Pump, Filter & UV

Laguna Ponds

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solid handling pond pump
Key Features :
  • High performance filtration media
  • Compact, Powerful UV - Eliminates Green Water Guaranteed!
  • Powerful pump performance for maximum flow and versatility
  • Two fountain head options
  • Anti-leaf design for less frequent maintenance
  • Weight balanced design gives maximum stability
Laguna PowerClear Multi All in One Pump, Filter and UV unit is the perfect way to combine powerful water movement whilst still being able to create beautiful water features in your pond.
Easy to install, with just one cable, PowerClear Multi is the easy way to a clear and healthy pond. With its Advanced Filtration process, each PowerClear Multi model comes with durable filtration foams to catch dirt and debris, a revolutionary 'Bio-Brick' to house beneficial bacteria and remove ammonia, and a powerful 13W UV. Powerful enough to run both a fountain and a waterfall.
Laguna BFA Item #
Power Clear Multi Filter 1000 LA21817