Exo Terra Forest Plume Moss 2 x 7 qt Brick, Tropical Terrarium Substrate

Exo Terra

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Exo Terra Forest Moss is real compressed moss grown in tropical Asia. This ecological substrate is ideal for increasing humidity in the terrarium and is totally safe for frogs, salamanders and burrowing or digging animals. The Exo Terra Forest Moss is extremely absorbent and is recommended in humidifying shelters such as the Exo Terra Snake Cave or Reptile Cave. It is also an ideal egg-laying or incubation medium and as a 1/3 portion of isopod culture media.


  • Completely natural forest moss (no dyes or chemicals)
  • Ideal for amphibians and wetland environment reptiles
  • Great for use in humidifying shelters
  • Excellent for use as egg-laying and incubation medium


Exo Terra BFA Item #
Double Brick 2 x 7 qt (14.0 L) EX23095


This product should be rehydrated with RO water optimally or dechlorinated tap water.