Red Sea Reef Foundation A B C Starter Supplement Pack, 3 x 250 ml

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Foundation™ supplements complete starter pack

Ca - KH/ALK - Mg - Sr - Ba


Red Sea’s Foundation™ Supplements Complete Pack contains all of the essential foundation elements required in order for corals to thrive within the reef aquarium.

Unlike the natural reef where there is an immense reservoir of foundation elements, in an aquarium these elements are constantly depleted due to coral
growth and other biological activities.
Therefore, calcium, carbonates (alkalinity) and magnesium require regular testing and supplementing.

For best results, dose according to a measured uptake of Calcium KH/Alkalinity and Magnesium using Red Sea’s FoundationTM Pro multi test kit.

The FoundationTM Supplements Complete Pack is part of Red Sea’s complete Reef Care Program, which provides all of the supplements, test kits and coral foods required to maintain a successful and healthy coral reef aquarium. 


Reef Care Recipes provides an easy to follow guide on how the Foundation supplements are used on different types of reef aquariums.


Optimal levels of salinity, KH, Ca & Mg according to type of aquarium:

Aquarium Type Salinity (ppt) Alkalinity (dkh) Ca (ppm) Mg (ppm)
Mixed Reef 34 11.5 450 1350
SPS Frag 35 12 465 1390
SPS Dominant 34 8 430 1280
Ultra Low nutrient SPS 33 7 410 1220
Marine Fish 30 6.5-7 360-380 1060-1130


1ml will raise the Ca level of 100 liters (25 gal) by 2ppm.

1ml will raise the Alkalinity of 100 liters (25gal) by 0.036 meq/l (0.1dKH)

1ml will raise the Mg level of 100 liters (25gal) by 1ppm.



Reef Foundation A B C    3 x 250 ml    RS22206