689076891349 89134 Eshopps Oceana Class Yellow Refugium Sump RS-100 RS100

Eshopps Oceana Class Reef Sump RS-100 (Gen 4)


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Eshopps’ reef sumps are designed with simplicity and are highly affordable for reef and saltwater aquarium hobbyists. Eshopps’ Reef Sumps features sufficient, usable sump area to accommodate skimmers, pumps, and other additional aquarium devices. It also features a prefilter sponge to keep debris and air bubbles from getting into the pump. The open-top design allows easy access for convenient equipment maintenance. 

Total water volume of RS-100 is 18 gallons with a max flow rater of 750 gph.


  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Removal of Micron Bag
  • New and Improved Design


Model Dimensions Skimmer
Micron Bag Tank Usage
RS-75 20"x10"x16" 6"x9.5" 5"x9.5" 4" 10- 75g
RS-100 24"x12"x16" 8"x11.5" 5"x11.5" 7" 75- 125g
RS-200 30"x12"x16" 11"x11.5" 6"x11.5" 2 x
125- 225g
RS-300 36"x14"x16" 9"x13.5" 9"x13.5" 2 x
225- 300g

*The design of the product may change without notice in order to improve quality.