Bloom Where You're Planted with The 5 Best Aquarium Plants for Beginners

Creating the perfect habitat for your new aquatic friends is just as important as selecting the right species to fill your tank. Plants provide habitat enrichment, shelter, and filtration for your tank.

You don't need to have a green thumb to care for these 5 best aquarium plants for beginners! Freshwater aquariums will thrive with a lush garden of exotic vegetation for your fishy friends to enjoy.

1.) Marimo Moss Ball

Give your tank an Alice in Wonderland aesthetic with whimsical moss balls! These fun, little plants are among the easiest aquarium plants to care for. They're commonly sold as a perfect, green circle, much like a miniature lollipop tree. In general, Marimo Moss Balls are self-sufficient, although it is recommended that rolling the ball in your hands after every tank cleaning will help it maintain its shape.

Many aquarium owners get creative and unroll these stretchy plants to wrap them around driftwood and decor like tiny trees!

2.) Water Wisteria

Looking for a big, showy plant to highlight your tank's beauty? Water Wisteria is a great freshwater aquarium plant for beginners. The lace-like leaves grow quickly and provide excellent habitat for tetra, betas, mollies, and more. They do well in most light conditions and are fabulous at keeping water oxygen rich.

3.) Dwarf Sagittaria

When it comes to a good carpeting plant for your fish tank, Dwarf Sagittaria is preferred by novices and long time aquatics enthusiasts. This hardy plant propagates quickly and is a great solution for covering the bottom layer of your tank. Dwarf Sagittaria do best in environments with moderate light, the occasional root tab, and liquid aquarium fertilizer for added nutrients.

4.) Amazon Sword

From single beta tanks to full-sized aquariums, the Amazon Sword is easily recognizable as one of the most popular aquatic plants. This go-to vegetation produces large, fan-like leaves, providing shade and camouflage for a variety of common freshwater species. Amazon Swords thrive in loose substrate and require very little care to stay healthy and alive.

5.) African Water Fern

If your tank is in need of a more exotic plant to showcase, the African Water Fern is a brushy, miniature tree that does best rooted to a piece of driftwood. Once the plant has taken root, it's very easy to care for with a few simple nutrient tabs and a dash of aquatic fertilizer. Plus, it provides impressive cover and looks amazing when backlit with a display light.

What's your go-to aquarium plant when getting used to a new tank? Let us know and look out for more great tips from your friends at Blue Fish.

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