Which Aquarium Plants Should You Be Using?

Aquarium plants are a great way to add color and substance to your tank. It also has many health benefits for the fish. However, just like you have to take care of the fish, you also have to take care of the plants. Sometimes called hydrophytes, there are multiple types of aquarium plants that offer a great variety of shape and form. Just like outdoor plants need light to grow and thrive, aquarium plants also need the energy produced through photosynthesis to survive. Whether its actual sunlight or an artificial substitute, your plants won’t live without some light.  When choosing aquarium plants choose the ones that require similar care, benefits for the fish, and a size and color that suits your needs.  

There are three types of aquarium plants you should be using. These are rooted, bunch, and floating.  Rooted plants come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes.  Rooted plants are idea plants for beginners. If you want to learn how to grow aquarium plants, these are the plants you begin with.  Rooted plants spread from runners rather than seed and are used in an aquarium garden mostly for background plantings. These only grow and thrive if their roots are planted in gravel, but only to the base the ground. If planted too deep they will not grow well.  Start with two pl

Different plants can be planted in different ways to support your fish and the environment of your aquarium. Depending on the types of fish you use or if you prefer a plant only aquarium, you will need certain plants for certain reasons.  The bottom line is that you should use plants to grant you and your fish the best possible water atmosphere. Using plants will reduce the stress of your fish, provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, remove toxins, and can help provide food for your aquarium. To find the right plants for you, always research the plant species you are interested in and learn about the preferences. ants in the back corners of your aquarium and watch how they will stretch to become 8-12 inches tall. Some popular root plants are Eel Grass, Sword Plant, Fanwort, and Elodea.  The next plants you should be using are Bunch plants. They’re called bunch plants because they are planted in bunches. These plants grow rapidly and require a significant amount of sunlight. These are a bit tougher to grow due to the fact that each strand must be planted in its own hole. Some popular bunch plants include Anacharis, Ambulia, and Bacopa australis. The final type 

the more light you give them, the more they grow so beware or these plants could grow out of control.  Some commonly used floating plants are Crystalwort, Hornwort, and Anacharis.of plant you should consider using for your aquarium is a Floating plant. Floating plants use water as their substrate meaning they don’t need to be anchored to gravel to grow. If there were an easier plant to use in an aquarium, this would be it. A floating plant only requires a source of light to grow and thrive. Essentially, 

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