Stay Comfortable with These 4 Tips for Maintaining Aquarium Temperatures

Home aquariums are sensitive environments. From saltwater to fresh, every tank is its own unique micro ecosystem with one overarching factor that affects everyone from fish to snails -- temperature.

Regulating aquarium temperature to maintain a comfortable habitat is one of the most challenging, and often confusing, ventures of owning fish. The good news is that managing temperature doesn't have to be a wade through uncharted waters. Consider these 4 Simple Tips for Keeping Aquarium Temperatures Constant.

1.) Know Thy Tank

The ideal temperature range for each aquarium depends on the kind of species you intend to house. Generally speaking, tropical fish thrive in ranges between 75 to 80 degrees, which cool water fish prefer 60 to 75 degrees. Factors such as breeding, adding new fish to the existing tank, and introducing animals like snails and frogs can also impact the ideal temperature range.

When starting a tank or adding to your mini ecosystem, it's important to research which species can coexist in like temperatures to ensure everyone gets along and remains comfortable.

2.) Staying Warm

Heaters are an essential component of tropical tanks. A good heater should be fully submersible and suction adhere to the glass. Providing supplemental heat is easy. Simply set the dial on your heater to the ideal range and enjoy a tropical paradise any time of the year. You shouldn't have to replace heaters very often, but it's a good idea to check the temperature regularly in case of malfunction.

3.) Cooling Off

For many fish, cooling is just as important as heat. Invest in a chiller unit, especially if you have a large tank.

Alternatives to purchasing a high quality chiller unit include regularly mixing in cool water, providing adequate filtration such as a bubble filter that keeps the water in motion (remember: moving water equals cold water!), and placing frozen water bottles around the tank's perimeter on especially hot days. You can also utilize a fan to gently blow the surface of the water and keep the circulation going.

4.) Tank Placement

Consider temperature when finding the ideal spot to display your home aquarium. Tanks should be kept out of direct sunlight and drafts. Avoid windowsills as well as especially dark areas. A happy medium is best when it comes to balancing outside temperatures.

If moving the tank or anticipating a sudden change in temperature, it's a good idea to do so slowly so as not to shock the fish. Be prepared to compensate for any rapid temperature drops by supplementing with heating and cooling as necessary.

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