Tropic Marin Bio Actif 60mg

$ 23.99

  • Features:

    For water care between water changes

    REEF ACTIF contains marine biopolymers which bind excess nutrients and other pollutants and lead to their decomposition via specialized microorganisms. This promotes a natural marine microbiology environment in the aquarium and keeps the water extremely clear.

    The activation of the microflora provides the water with numerous vitamins and other vital substances in a wholly natural manner. Corals and shells open better and display their full range of colors. Fishes, too, benefit from the stable bacteria flora and the probiotic effect; they become robust, displaying their vitality in the form of perfect coloration.


    Ensures consistent water conditions between water changes
    Has a double function as adsorber and valuable bacteria nutrition in the aquarium
    Binds nutrients and encourages their utilisation through bacteria and other organisms
    Promotes the removal of water contamination by binding contaminating substances
    Slow decomposition of excess nutrients without oxygen consumption in the aquarium
    Improves consistency and continuity of skimming

    Enhances vitality and coloration of corals and reef mussels

    How to use:

    One measuring spoon of REEF ACTIF once a week per 500 I / 130 US-Gal. of aquarium system water volume. Stir REEF ACTIF into some aquarium water and then add it to the aquarium. Make sure it is blended as evenly as possible.

    Maximum dosage: One measuring spoon for a 500 I (130 US-Gal.) aquarium, three times a week. For aquarium systems without skimmers: One measuring spoon for a 1000 I (260 US-gal.) aquarium.

    REEF ACTIF can be used in combination with all other products of the BIO-ACTIF-SYSTEM. This does not result in overdosing of organic substances.