Seachem Reef Status Strontium Test Kit

Seachem Laboratories

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The first and only 10 minute strontium test! The test involves separation of strontium from the sample by a highly selective extraction technique, followed by a sensitive titration in 0.5 mg/L increments. This kit is capable of at least 50 strontium determinations and is designed specifically for seawater. The sample is treated and filtered through an adsorbent to selectively remove the strontium from solution. The filtrate is discarded and the adsorbent is washed to remove residual sample. The strontium is then eluted from the adsorbent and measured. Natural seawater concentration for strontium is approximately 8 mg/L. By contrast, magnesium is present at about 1,300 mg/L and calcium at about 400 mg/L; together they exceed strontium by over 200 fold. Magnesium and calcium are chemically quite similar to strontium, thus, the measurement of strontium in the presence of high concentrations of magnesium and calcium with this kit requires meticulous attention to the instructions. 

The proper performance of this kit may be validated by running a test in the normal manner except that the reference sample is used in place of an aquarium sample. It is not necessary to run a reference test to use this kit. The only time you might choose to run a reference test is if you have cause to believe the test is giving incorrect results. If you run a test using the reference sample and obtain the correct result (based on the known reference value provided) then you know the test is giving correct results. To run a reference test use the Strontium Reference as the sample. Reference value is listed on the container label. 

This kit is not a toy. It contains reagents that may be hazardous if used carelessly or contrary to instructions. Strontium #1 is a very strong acid, use extreme caution when handling, always keep capped when not in immediate use and do not remove from the test kit box. In case of contact rinse affected area thoroughly with water. In case of spills neutralize with a strong baking powder solution (or any pH raising buffer). The Sr Indicator Reagent #2 should pose no immediate hazard. Strontium #3 is a strong caustic similar to drain cleaner. Strontium #4 should pose no immediate hazard. Strontium #5 is strongly acidic. The Strontium Adsorbent in the separation column should not be removed. The Titrant is a buffered chelating solution with antimicrobial preservatives. Do not get reagents in eyes, on hands, or clothing. Do not drink or swallow any reagents. If eye contact or swallowing occurs with any reagent, seek medical attention. In case of discomfort or doubt, seek medical attention.