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Red Tail Shark - Medium

Red Tail Shark - Medium


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Redtail / Red Tail Shark

Epalzeorhynchos bicolor
Origin Thailand
Care Level Easy - Moderate
Temperament Semi Aggressive
Size 5 inches
Min Housing 40 gallon or larger
Diet Omnivore
Live Plant Compatible Yes, with hardier plants, see below
Temp 70-80°F
Sexual Dimorphism
Average Age
Special Water Conditions None
Pictures are for reference only, there will be variations in size and color of individual animals.

Redtail Sharks are best suited for tanks with semi-aggressive fish. Although they are small and cute when they are young, they can quickly cause issues by chasing and nipping at smaller, more laid back fish, which is what usually makes them a poor choice for community aquariums with smaller, peaceful fish. They continue to become more territorial as they mature.  

These sharks do well  with a little room for them to roam because of their size at maturity (usually right around 5" in captivity), so a 40 gallon or larger aquarium would be best.

They can be compatible with live plants that are hardier and thicker, such as Java Fern and Anubias species.