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Kent Pro-Scraper II Short

Kent Pro-Scraper II Short


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Pro-Scraper II - Short

New Design - New Look - Same Professional Grade

The Kent Marine Pro-Scraper II Short is the ideal cleaning tool for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It features a new and improved design that offers enhanced cleaning performance and versatility. The Pro-Scraper II is constructed with a durable fiberglass handle to provide the proper leverage for any cleaning job while resisting corrosion. The handle is fitted with a rubberized ergonomic grip for maximum comfort in the palm of your hand (also helps prevent slipping when wet).

Every ProScraper II also now includes all three replacement blade styles so you can select the most appropriate tool for the job at hand. The blades are replaceable so cleaning can be done with that perfect edge. Pro Scraper II heads are also interchangeable, and can be moved from long handles to shorter handles.

Plastic Blade - Ideal for gently scraping algae from acrylic or glass aquariums

Stainless Steel Blade - Rust-resistant blade recommended for use with glass aquariums to remove coralline algae and calcified deposits

Pad Covered Blade - For fine cleaning and swabbing to get the inside glass as clean as the outside 5.5"