Hikari BiFuran+ 3.4oz

Hikari BiFuran+ 3.4 oz - Treats Microbial Bacterial and Protozoan Diseases


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The World’s First Aquatic Treatment For Microbial Bacteria & Protozoan Diseases That Targets The Infected Areas & Includes A Skin-Slime Replacer To Speed Recovery!

BiFuran+ is a powdered formula that was developed to offer the hobbyist an effective way to treat microbial bacterial and protozoan diseases suffered by their pond, freshwater or marine fishes. This revolutionary, extremely safe and super effective product offers you benefits no other similar medication can!

A Powerful Combination Of Proven Ingredients

  • Includes Nitrofurazone and Furazolidone
  • Highly effective
  • Targets the infected areas due to their opposite ionic charge
  • Can be used as a bath, dip, or as part of a prepared food
  • Includes a slime coat replacer that is 98% of natural fish slime
  • Helps speed recovery as the medication is bonded to the damaged areas
  • Extremely safe (when used as directed)
 Hikari Medication Treats in Gallons
BiFuran 3.4 oz (100 gm) 100 US Gallons


Ingredients: nitrofurazone and furazolidone (active ingredients); sodium cloride, synthetic polymers and a chelating agent.


    As A Bath: As a bath treatment for external nitrofuran-susceptible, microbial diseases of marine and freshwater aquarium and pond fishes, use 1 capful (~9.7g) per 10 gallons of water. A partial or complete water change should be made just prior to beginning treatment and every 24 hours thereafter, followed by re-treatment. Any water used should first be conditioned with ULTIMATEor a combination of Liquid Buffered ClorAm-X and Stress-X to remove ammonia, chlorine and chloramines. Repeat the treatment every 24 hours for 5 to 7 days or until complete cessation of mortalities occurs. If improvement is not noted within three (3) days, discontinue treatment and consider other therapy.

    Short-Term Dip For Marine Fishes: Mix the proper amount of BiFuran+ into a container of conditioned freshwater and place the diseased fishes into the container with gentle aeration. Allow the fishes to remain in this dip treatment until they can no longer remain upright or show other signs of osmotic stress (typically no longer than 1 minute). After treatment return the treated fishes to normal seawater for recovery. Repeat daily as needed.

    Oral Treatment For Fish: For systemic (internal) infections, Bifuran+ can be fed mixed with fish food.

    DO NOT OVERDOSE - this means you should calculate the actual amount of water in your tank by multiplying the length x width x height and dividing by 238 to get the true gallons. Please also deduct the amount of space consumed by substrate (gravel, sand, etc.) rock, decorations or other things which are displacing water.

    NOTE: We do not recommend using any sulfur or sulfinite-based water conditioners with this product. If your normal water conditioner does not list the ingredients please verify with the maker that it does not contain these ingredients. If you notice any rotten egg smell to the product, it likely does have these ingredients and should be avoided as it could cause the product to be less effective and the dissolved oxygen levels to be negatively impacted.

    Use BiFuran+™ for microbial disease treatment for bacterial diseases or protozoan diseases for freshwater, marine or pond fishes.