FURminator Hand Hair Collection Tool


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Removes embedded pet hair from clothing, furniture and fabrics

  • Quickly collects pet hair for easy clean-up
  • Reusable – as effective and lasts longer than a sticky roller
  • Convenient, personal daily solution for pet hair disposal
  • Guaranteed to work or your money back*
*See instructions for full details
FURminator BFA Item #
Hand Hair Collection Tool FM92931


Discard as needed FURminator® brand offers a full set of in-home hair collection tools. These products can be used at any time to reduce already-shed hair on home surfaces for quick and easy ways to collect and discard pet hair. Easily dispose of excess pet hair collected by the tools for clean-up at any time that takes minutes to complete. The tools are non-adhesive, so they are fully reusable.


    1. Simply repeatedly run the roller over surfaces covered with pet hair and the tool will begin to pick up the pet hair embedded on furniture, bedding, carpets, car seats and more.  Turn the Furcollector knob regularly as you go along to trap pet hair in the collection chamber.

    2. When the tool is full of hair and no longer collecting additional hair, press the button to open the hair chamber.  Remove the hair from the hair collection chamber, reclose the tool, and continue rolling over surfaces until desired hair clean-up results are achieved.