Finnex Refugium Light


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This Contemporary Ultra Slim designed LED fixture features a series of LEDs to promote Marine Refugium & Freshwater Growth.  The Refugium Light offers true 660nm red LEDs.  Unlike competing LED fixtures offering a cheaper and mass produced labeled 'RED' LED, the Finnex Planted+ has incorporated TRUE 660nm RED LEDs- which studies have found to be one of the most efficient wavelengths for plant photosynthesis. 

The durable high output LED bulbs are built to last 40,000+ hours. A unique leg fixture allows this LED light to mount on various sized aquariums and sump setups. To extend LED bulb longevity, the circuit boards are built with high quality aluminum and the fixture itself acts as the heat sync to allow ample cooling and superior heat dissipation.

Quick Overview:
• Unibody Ultra Slim High Output 
• TRUE 660nm intensive photosynthesis RED LEDs
• Watts

Finnex LED BFA Item #
Refugium Light RL-12 FX00501