Finnex LED Vivid + 24"

by Finnex
$ 68.99

The Vivid+ LEDs are housed in an ultra slim black aluminum hood. Also in the package are two clear aquarium legs allowing to fixture to appear as though it is floating above the aquarium. Dual switches allow users to have control of their color enhancing lights, the plant supporting spectrum, or both at the same time!

Much like the Finnex MonterRAY, the Vivid+ has incorporated one row of color enhancing LEDs that bring out colors like never before. It makes Discus, Cichlids, Guppies, Flowerhorns, Blood Parrots, Arrowanas, and Goldfish look like you've never seen them before. Once you've seen the color enhancing properties, you'll never put your fish under anything else ever again. 

There is a mix of True 660nm Red, 7,000k, and 460nm Blue LEDs making it capable of growing plants and enhancing fish.

All sizes available: 24" (22 Watts), 36" (34 Watts), 48" (42 Watts)