Dr. G's Copepods MAX Fish & Coral Food 8 oz

by Dr.G's
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Dr.G's Copepods MAX
Extra Concentrated 100% Natural Arctic Copepods (Cyclops)
Large 8 oz Bottle - Ready to Use - Refrigerated.

  • Food for Marine Fish, Corals (SPS, LPS) and Invertebrates
  • 100% Natural Arctic Cyclops - Extra Concentrated
  • Extremely high protein content needed for Fish, LPS corals, invertebrates, zoanthids, anemones, & all zooplankton feeders.
  • Packed with natural anti-oxidants (HUFA's) and color enhancing properties - Brings out the colors in all your Reef inhabitants.
  • Use in Salt Water and Fresh Water Aquariums.
  • Ready to Use, no need to thaw, wait or rinse before feeding. Simply pour directly into your tank.
  • Dr. G's Copepod Magnifique (Arctic Cyclops), are collected from Arctic sea waters. To survive the extreme conditions of the Arctic, these Copepods require storing magnificent quantities of rich protein & fatty acids as Omega 3 & Omega 6, which are all critical to the Nutrition of your Reef Inhabitants.

    Arctic Copepods also must survive 24 hour sun exposure, so they produce protective pigments, called carotenoids (astaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, echinenone). When your fish, corals and reef animals, are feed with Dr. G's Arctic Copepods, the color enhancer properties are passed on, bringing out vibrant, vivid color in all the animals in your aquarium.

    Our Arctic Copepods are intended for the discerning, sophisticated aquarists that require premium nutritional benefits.

    They are collected from Arctic waters, while feeding (gut loaded) and immediately flash frozen to conserve freshness and naturally contain a highly nutritious blend, which triggers an excited feeding response in freshwater and marine tropical fish.

    Great for finicky eaters or new arrivals. Essential for Corals.

    A little goes a long way. Dr.G's Copepod MAX will produce an absolute "Feeding Frenzy". Depending on your tank size, add enough Copepods to be devoured in about 3 of minutes - adjust size accordingly. Do not over feed.

    Keep refrigerated for extended shelf life. Item does not need to be refrigerated during shipping as preservatives used will conserve the product. Refrigerate upon arrival.

    Exceptional Fresh Ingredients:
    100% Natural Arctic Copepods (Cyclops), in a proprietary solution.

    Analysis: per 100 grams  
    Crude Protein 61% min
    Crude Fat 34% min
    Carbohydate 2%
    Ash 3%

    Warning: Not for Human Consumption. For Aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children.

    Harvested in the Arctic and Packed by Dr.G's in the USA.