GLO Flora-Glo T8 Light Bulb 36 inch 30W

by Fluval
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 This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer
The Flora-GLO T8, 36 watt linear fluorescent aquarium bulb delivers a strong photosynthetic spectrum that is ideal for planted aquariums and terrariums. With a color temperature of 2800K, this normal output fluorescent bulb is strongly recommended for use in planted aquariums to ensure a broad red and blue spectral presence, which is ideal for stimulating strong plant growth. The bulb fits all suitable standard and electronic ballasts. Flora-GLO is recommended in combination with Life-GLO and Power-GLO bulbs. 
Key Features :
  • Photosynthetic spectrum, ideal for planted aquariums and terrariums
  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Recommended in combination with Life-Glo or Power-Glo
  • Rapid start lamp, fits all suitable standard and electronic ballasts
Glo Bulb BFA Item #
Flora Glo 36 inch HA11617

Flora-Glo Spectrum 36 inch
Diameter 1 in
Wattage 30 watts
Lumens 1090
Lux 150
CRI 2800 K
Lifetime Hours 7500