Saltwater Fish Available

We will try to keep this updated daily but there could be a lag in what is available so please contact ahead.  All holds at this time are only until close of the next business day.

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Saltwater Fish Currently Available 6/18/2020

"Nano" means they do well in smaller aquariums, it does not mean they all do well together however.  That's where we come in to help you figure that out  


Hawkfish LOC QTY
Flame 2B Large SOLD
Red Spot Nano Regular 1
Angelfish QTY
Atlantic Pygmy Regular Nano 1
Rock Beauty Large 1
French Juvenile Small SOLD
Swallowtail Male Regular SOLD
Swallowtail Female Regular SOLD
Eibli  7B regular 1
Emperor C1T Large 1
Watanebe Female SOLD
Keyhole regular 1
Koran C1 Juvenile 1
Lamarki regular SOLD
Lemonpeel Regular 2
Coral Beauty Regular 2
Coral Beauty MAC Fiji regular SOLD
Rusty Large 1
BiColor 7T Regular 1
Flame regular 3
Yellow regular 1
Dispar Regular 3
Pixie Hawk regular 1
Orange Blue Lyretail 5B regular 3
Basslets QTY
Blackcap Nano regular 1
Chalk 6B regular SOLD
Royal Gramma Large SOLD
Royal Gramma 1B, 7T, 5T regular Nano 2
Swissguard  Regular Nano 1
Blennies QTY
Bicolor Nano regular Nano 2
Black Sailfin Regular 1
Red Lip regular 1
Flametail regular SOLD
Midas Nano regular SOLD
Lawnmower LD regular 2
Canary Yellow 2
Striped Fang 1
Butterflies QTY
Copperbands regular SOLD
Klein's regular 1
Bannerfish Heniochus small 1
Cardinalfish QTY
Pajama lookdown regular 9
Banggai regular 6
Orange Lined regular 6
Raccoon Regular 2
Clownfish QTY
Ocellaris Snowflake 4B regular Nano SOLD
Ocellaris Mocha Storm nano regular Nano SOLD
Ocellaris Orange 1B regular Nano 20
Ocellaris Orange Large Nano 3
Ocellaris Black Small Nano 5
Ocellaris Black anemone XL 1
Ocellaris Premiere Picasso regular Nano SOLD
Ocellaris Black Ice regular Nano SOLD
Ocellaris Black Snowflake regular Nano SOLD
Ocellaris Gladiator nano regular Nano SOLD
Ocellaris wyoming White 3B regular Nano SOLD
Ocellaris Naked w/dots regular Nano SOLD
Ocellaris Caramel regular Nano SOLD
Maroon Lightning 5T regular 1
Maroon Gold Lightning 6T regular 2
Percula Picasso 6 regular Nano SOLD
Platinum  7B regular Nano 5
Tomato nano regular 1
Damselfish QTY
2 Striped C2B regular 1
Domino 7B regular 5
Yellow Tail Blue C3T regular SOLD
Sapphire C4B regular SOLD
Bluehead Pink regular SOLD
Chromis - Blue/Green 5B regular 5
Eels QTY
Blackedge Moray Large 1
Jeweled Moray Large 1
Honeycomb 1
Snowflake Moray Small SOLD
Zebra Moray 1
Filefish QTY
Green Aiptasia Eating Regular SOLD
Gobies/Dragonets QTY
Goldhead Sleeper regular 1
Bali Tiger Jawfish Regular 1
Blue Dot Jawfish Regular 1
Blue Spotted Watchman 1B regular SOLD
Blue Streak Watchman Regular 1
Engineer nano small 3
Watchman - Yellow regular Nano 2
Aurora Flametail regular Nano SOLD
Clown - Black regular Nano 1
Clown - Yellow nano/Cup regular Nano 3
Clown - Citron regular Nano SOLD
Clown - Green Cup regular Nano 2
High Fin Cup regular Nano 1
Firefish Purple regular Nano SOLD
Firefish Orange 6B regular Nano 6
Randall's regular Nano SOLD
Rainfords regular Nano SOLD
Red Head  Regular Nano 1
Green Banded Cup regular Nano 3
Twin Spot regular Nano SOLD
Neon Tank Raised Cup regular Nano 1
Pearly Jawfish regular Nano SOLD
Target Spotted Mandarin Nano/C3B regular 2
Green Mandarin Small 1
Diamond Sleeper Large SOLD
Diamond Sleeper regular SOLD
Flagtail PinkBar regular 1
Zebra Dart Regular 3
Groupers, Hogfish Puffers, Lionfish QTY
Red Diana Hog regular 1
Mexican Hog regular SOLD
Candy Hog regular SOLD
Blue Dot Puffer Large 1
Porcupine Puffer Large SOLD
Sharpnose Puffer Regular 1
Valentini regular 2
Volitan Lion Large 1
Seahorse, Pipefish QTY
Pipefish Dragonface regular Nano SOLD
Seahorse Erectus regular 4
Tangs/Rabbitfish QTY
Rabbitfish Orange Spot regular SOLD
Rabbitfish Yellow Blotch 5B regular SOLD
Sailfin 1B regular 1
Sailfin Medium 1
Tomini regular 2
Yellow Eye Kole regular 3
Yellow Tang regular 3
Yellow  Large SOLD
Blue Hippo Med 1
Scopas Lookdown Large SOLD
Scopas 9B regular 1
Naso regular 1
Powder Brown regular 2
Powder Blue regular 1
Bristletooth Orange Line Large 1
Triggerfish QTY
Blue Throat Male regular 1
Blue Throat Female regular SOLD
Undulated 3T regular 1
Niger 9B regular SOLD
Picasso 3T regular 1
Wrasses QTY
Cleaner regular 1
Christmas regular SOLD
Blue Sided Fairy regular 3
Bluehead 6T regular SOLD
Carpenter's Flasher regular 3
Rainbow Female 7B regular 1
Lunare mdm regular 1
Six Line Large 2
Six Line regular SOLD
Bird Brown regular 1
Fairy Flasher Blue & red C. rubeus regular 1
Fairy Flasher exquisite regular 1
Fairy Flasher Ruby Head regular 3
Blue Cleaner regular 1
Mex Rock Rainbow regular 1
Leopard - Fiji M, meleagris regular 1
Yellow Clown  regular 1
Yellow Coris regular 2
Dottybacks QTY
Purple nano regular Nano 1
Neon nano regular Nano SOLD
Black Neon regular Nano SOLD
Royal 4B regular Nano SOLD
Yellow 3  - 4 - 6 regular Nano 3
Sankeyi  Regular Nano 1
Splendid 4T regular Nano 1
Dialectus (Red) 5T regular Nano 1
Double Bar 6T regular Nano 1
Orchid nano regular Nano 2
Skunk nano regular Nano 2
Crabs Location QTY
Hermit Blue Leg Nano 120
Hermit Red Leg Nano SOLD
Hermit Electric Blue C3T SOLD
Pom Pom  Anemone Nano 2
Emerald C3T Nano 10
Sallylightfoot Cup 4
Spider Decorator C4T Cups 1
Arrow Cups SOLD
Other Inverts QTY
Cucumber Sand Sifting anemone 3
Lobster Purple C4T 1
Snail  astrea Nano 25
Snail cerith Nano SOLD
Snail  nassarius Nano 25
Snail Mexican Turbo 10
Snail  Tiger Cowrie C3T 1
Snail  Money Cowrie C3T/C4T SOLD
Snail, Conch Fighting 4
Snail, Conch Strawberry 1
Shrimp Skunk Cleaner regular Nano 5
Shrimp Skunk Cleaner Large 3
Shrimp Tiger Pistol 1
Shrimp Blood Cleaner SOLD
Shrimp Peppermint Nano SOLD
Shrimp Coral Banded Cup/C3B Nano 2
Shrimp Harlequin SOLD
Shrimp Coral Banded Blue Cup Nano SOLD
Shrimp Sexy Dancer Anemone Nano SOLD
SeaStar Sand Sifting Anemone SOLD
SeaStar Brittle Anemone 1
SeaStar Serpent Harlequin 1
SeaStar Serpent - Tiger anemone 1
SeaStar Red Thorny C4T 1
SeaStar Chocolate Chip C3B C4T 1
Urchin Pencil small 1
Urchin Pin Cushion Anemone 3
Urchin Royal - Tuxedo Anemone SOLD
Urchin Long Spine Black SOLD
Urchin Rose Pink Baseball sized SOLD
Feather Duster 4
Anemone Bubble Tip watermelon 3
Anemone Bubble Tip Green 2
Anemone Long Tentacle Green 1
Anemone Long Tentacle Purple Medium SOLD
Anemone rock flower - ultra Nano 16
Anemone Mini-Maxi Carpet 4
Anemone Tube - Orange 1