biOrb Air 60 Terrarium

biOrb Air 60 Terrarium

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Imagine being able to grow small tropical plants without daylight. Introducing the biOrb AIR terrarium. Your own micro-climate. Research shows that visual exposure to plants helps to reduce blood pressure and to lessen stress. The biOrb AIR 60 is an automatic environment that controls humidity, lighting and air flow. It allows you to grow small tropical plants where they couldn’t naturally exist. Perhaps inside an office, a dimly lit room or a corridor. The Need for Nature In his book Biophilia, Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson proposed that humans have a natural tendency to affiliate with nature. The term, Biophilia, has since been used described humanity’s need for nature. The need to return to nature is the very ethos of the biOrb AIR 60.
Automatic misting Triggered automatically when the humidity drops below a set level. A gentle mist hydrates the plants right down to the roots. LED lighting With automatic day and night cycle providing all the light your plants need to thrive.
Comes with
  • biOrb Air 60 and LED Lighting
  • Auto Misting Unit
  • Coir Brick Substrate
  • Capillary Matting
  • Air Filter Cartridge
  • 500 mL Humidimist (x2)
  • 24 V Transformer
  • Heater Cable Access Duct & Rubber Stopper

Diameter 20.15 inches

Height 22.75 inches

Volume 15.85 gallons 60 L

With the biOrb AIR 60 you can bring nature into your own home. The humidity, light conditions and air supply for the plants are automatically regulated, so you can even grow tropical plants.

Easy cleaning

Guaranteed easy cleaning and maintenance

Smart care

Automatically controlled humidity, irrigation and air circulation

Inspired by nature

The biOrb AIR is a mini ecosystem – following nature’s example

LED lighting unit

Automatic 24-hour light cycle for healthy plants

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