PONDMASTER Internal Pond Filter & Pump Kit for Ponds up to 400 Gallons


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The Supreme Pondmaster 190 is designed to create a beautiful pond with ease and simplicity for ponds up to 400 gallons. The Pondmaster 190 is a reliable high tec system that come complete with a fully submersible, fish safe, 190gph Magnetic Drive Utility Pump, filter with reusable foam and biological filter media, and a Bell Fountain Kit. Water is drawn into a thick layer of foam material which traps large debris from pond water. A second layer of material biologically purifies the pond water as it passes through. The compact, energy eficient pump draws the water through the filter and out through the Bell Fountain. The included fountain kit helps to aerate the water and produces a beautful, wind-resistant pattern. 11" x 9" x 4"

  • Offered as the easy and practical way to encourage sales by matching pumps with filters
  • Includes fountain heads with tubing and fitting where necessary
  • Can be used with rigid or flexible liners
Pondmaster Dimensions BFA Item #
PM 190  11.0 x 9.0 x 4.0 in DA02019


PK 190 - ITEM# 02019


• Carbon and Polyester Media for Mechanical/Biological/Chemical Filtration


• For In-Pond Use Only02527