Fluval FX Series Canister Filter Spray Bar Kit


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The adjustable and extendable FX Spray Bar Kit connects quickly and easily to Fluval FX series canister filters to ensure water is diffused evenly to all areas of the aquarium. This helps to promote a healthy gas exchange, carry nutrients to plants, and improves overall water quality, filtration performance and fish health. The unit can be positioned above the water line for added surface agitation and increased oxygenation, or below the water to create a gentle and consistent current.


  • Specifically designed for Fluval FX2, FX4, FX6 High Performance canister filters
  • Increases the amount of oxygen in your tank for healthier fish and plants
  • Distributes water evenly for delicate aquascapes
  • Eliminates dead spots in your aquarium
  • Attaches to your filter outlet with hose adapter (all attachments included)
  • Extendable from 25-55″ / 64-140 cm
  • Increases and decreases surface agitation depending on positioning
  • Below surface: Place Spray Bar below the water to create gentle, consistent water movement
  • Above surface: Place Spray Bar above the water in order to get the best surface agitation and oxygenation
  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

What’s Included

  • Perforated tube (x3)
  • U connector (x1)
  • L connector (x1)
  • Tube connector (x2)
  • End cap (x1)
  • Suction cups (x6)
  • Clips (x6)
Fluval Capacity  L x W x H (inches) BFA Item #
FX2 Canister Filter 175 Gallons 13.4 x 13.4 x 16.5 HA10213
FX4 Canister Filter 250 Gallons  15.75 x 15.75 x 16.5 HA10214
FX6 Canister Filter 400 Gallons  15.75 x 15.75 x 20.8 HA10219
FX Spray Bar Kit   25 to 55 inches HA10233



A-214 A214 015561102148

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