Marineland Fully Adjustable Essential LED Light 24 to 30 inch

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  • Includes 4 white and 1 blue LED PODs
  • Mounting legs adjustable from 24-30 inch
  • 380 lumens output
  • Holds up to 14 LED PODs
  • Maximum output 1000 lumens

The Marineland Fully Adjustable Essential LED Lights fit many of the most common sizes. Move or add PODs to highlight key areas in your aquarium while also controlling intensity. Use the color recommendations on packaging to create different assortments, like color-enhancing, color-changing and GloFish® looks. The LED PODs allow you the flexibility to create an aquarium environment unique to your personal style.

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE ESSENTIAL LED LIGHT: The truly modular design lets you easily add and arrange PODs for a customized aquarium look.
  • CUSTOMIZE COLOR: Move or add PODs to highlight key areas in your aquarium and find recommended assortments for color-enhancing, color-changing and GloFish looks.
  • ADJUST AND ARRANGE LIGHTING BASED ON PERSONAL PREFERENCE: Create a unique underwater space with customizable lighting that offers adjustable mounting length, light intensity controls and customizable LED pod arrangements.
This LED Light fits 24-30 inch tanks. It includes (4) 10000K Cool White and (1) 460 nm Lunar Blue Moonlight LED PODs.
Holds up to 14 LED PODs.
Marineland LED Essential BFA Item #
24 - 30 inch ML78108
Marineland LED POD BFA Item #
50/50 Blue & White ML78120
Color Enhancing ML78115
Cool White ML78122
HI-DEF White ML78121
High Output Lunar Blue ML78123
Lunar Blue ML78117
Plant Growth ML78119
Warm White ML78118