Coralife Battery Operated Digital Thermometer


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Battery Operated Digital Thermometer

Keep your critters in temperate happiness with the battery-operated digital thermometer from Coralife. This easy-to-read, clear display thermometer is designed to work with both standard terrariums and standard aquariums. Simply install the 39-inch temperature probe cord inside the tank, then mount the display on the outside of the tank using the provided suction cup. Temperature ranges from -10 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Avoid dangerous heat and cold with an accurate, dependable digital thermometer from Coralife. Always check water temperature before and after cleaning or adding new water to your tanks, as well as when installing new lights or heat lamps. Use this digital thermometer to double-check the accuracy of already-installed in-tank thermometers.

Reads in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Battery, suction cup and probe cord included. 2.25' x 1.38' x 5'