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Temminck's Fairy Wrasse - Blue Stripe Fairy Wrasse
Peacock Flasher Wrasse

(Cirrhilabrus temminckii)

This Fairy Wrasse is a small to medium sized fish that attains a full size of 3-1/2".  There is often some confusion with identification due to it having several color morphs over it's large geographic distribution. While this beautiful wrasse is very easy to keep and is peaceful with other fish.  Good meaty foods and dry foods, such as Ocean Nutrition's Formula I pellets, available at Blue Fish Aquarium, will help these fish thrive in your aquarium!

Max Size 3.50"
Recommended Minimum Tank Size 30 gal
Temperature  Range 72-78
pH Range 8.4
Origin western Pacific from Japan to Australia
Difficulty Easy
Diet Carnivore
Community Safe with other Fish? Yes
Reef Safe? Yes
Sexual Differences Color & finnage
























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