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Mint Terribilis Dart Frog

Captive Bred

Phyllobates terribilis are the most toxic of all the poison dart frogs in the wild.  Thankfully the ant or possibly a beetle that it must eat in order to become or stay toxic is only found in the wild.  Captive bred specimens have no toxicity.

This dart is also one of the largest of the dart frogs but does well in group situations.  It has a louder call than most but is diurnal like all dart frogs so they do not call throughout the night.  All dart frogs prefer to be in a terrarium with plants, moss and high humidity. 

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Mint Terribilis Dart Frog (Phyllobates terribilis "Mint")

Minimum Enclosure When Adult

24” x 18” Exo

Adult Size

2 – 2.25”

Care Level





Fruitflies, Crickets


70 - 77 degrees

Terrarium Preference


Life Span

8 – 10 years