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Ocean Nutrition Formula One Pellets

Product Features

  • Highly attractive staple food for omnivorous and carnivorous marine fishes.
  • Soft, moist and highly palatable pellets.
  • High protein content and rich in vitamins.
  • Improves coloration and will help maintain health and vitality.
  • Pellets are packed in an oxygen-free pouch (oxygen is removed with a nitrogen flush) to guarantee maximum freshness.
  • Formulated and tested by aquaculture biologists.
  • Does not cloud the water
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Available pellet sizes for this product are small and medium.

Recommended for use with:
Carnivorous/omnivorous marine species, including marine Angelfish, Butterflyfish, Anthiases, Basslets, Cardinalfish, Clowns, Damsels, Chromis, Gobies, Blennies, Hawkfish, Wrasses, Crabs, and Shrimps

Ocean Nutrition™ Formula Pellet Foods are innovative solutions that are the very best in fish nutrition. Formulated and extensively tested by aquaculture biologists, they are the most complete and nutritious foods available to the hobby. They are a blend of the highest quality ingredients, including shrimp, Pacific plankton, sardines, fish eggs, etc., as well as various vitamins, minerals, and carotenoid pigments. Low phosphates, low ash, and high digestibility help maintain a cleaner aquarium environment, benefiting the fish and allowing hobbyists to spend more time enjoying their aquariums.

Small Pellets

SKU# 09220 — 3.5 oz (100 g), Jar
SKU# 09222 — 7 oz (200 g), Jar

Medium Pellets

SKU# 09230 — 3.5 oz (100 g), Jar
SKU# 09232 — 7 oz (200 g), Jar