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  • Crested Gecko

    Captive Bred

    Cresties are the most popular reptile at the moment.  What is not to like? They are an omnivore which love to eat packaged foods (Repashy Superfoods) as well as insects.  They do not require excessive equipment and are not a type of reptile that bites.  There are many color morphs and patterns available. Crested Geckos were thought to be extinct and rediscovered in 1994 on the island of New Caledonia.  These geckos prefer an arboreal set-up so the taller the better.

  • Cave Geckos

    Captive Bred

    Chinese Cave Geckos are a group of 12 different species of Goniurosarus geckos that are found from Vietnam to southern Japan.  These geckos have a similar appearance to Leopard Geckos but differ in the fact that they like a cool, moist rainforest habitat unlike the Leopard Geckos.

  • High Yellow Leopard Gecko

    Captive Bred

    Leopard Geckos are one of the easiest of all geckos to keep. They are super popular and probably second to only crested geckos as far as popularity goes. 

    They prefer a low desert type terrarium with a few hiding places.While it is best to keep one side 90-95 degrees and the cool side around 70-75 they can handle a very large temperature fluctuation. 

    Crickets and mealworms are the main food for this gecko.