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  • Starcki Damselfish (Chrysiptera starcki)

    Also Known As:

    Starck's Damsel

    The Starcki Damselfish is a good choice for beginners.  While it has some of the aggressive traits of other larger damselfish it isn't as aggressive as most.  Do not make the mistake of putting more than one in an aquarium however as they are highly territorial with its own kind and other blue colored damselfish.

    Damsels are very easy to feed.  Food variety is the key so use many frozen foods in the rotation!  Mysis, brine shrimp and plankton should all be staples.   A green based dry food or should also be fed regularly.

  • Green Chromis (Chromis viridis)

    Also Known As:

    Blue - Green Reef Chromis

    Green Chromis are very popular in the hobby due to their beauty and peaceful demeanor.  They prefer to swim in schools so be sure to purchase in groups of 3 or more for smaller tanks and even more for larger aquariums.  These fish tend to stay towards the top of the aquarium dancing around rock formations and currents.

    Although Chromis are designated as a type of damselfish they usually are a great choice for reef or fish only aquariums.  Chromis are much more peaceful than other forms of damselfish and work well as dither fish which help to draw more reclusive fish out of hiding.

  • Sergent Major Damselfish (Abudefduf saxatilis) 

    Most damselfish make great beginning saltwater hobbyist fish based on hardiness, most of these fish however become super aggressive and are quickly shunned by most enthusiasts.   They tend to not play nice with most of their tankmates.

    They are easy to feed accepting any frozen or dry foods.  Always rotate several foods throughout the week.